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Single out with Ost & Kjex

Written by on 20 August 2021

New single out with Ost & Kjex! recorded this a while ago, so glad it’s coming out on Snick Snack!–MGB_R6IjBy0X3ghQ61srHpnxJHxNredEWgXz3tMvDfbGAHk2Ypj-M

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Misleading title in BBC News article on singing and Covid-19

Written by on 28 January 2021

I got wind of an article in BBC news about the risks of singing and Covid-19. The title of the article:  Singing ‘no riskier than talking’ for virus spread Read the article here I have been reading posts from vocal instructors who have apparently read the headline, and not the article. In the article, it […]

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Tracee Meyn

Welcome to the new website

Written by on 31 August 2020

Finally a new website! My husband has graciously built this new website for me and I think it is fabulous!. I am grateful, because I am not very good at keeping up to date when it comes to the web. Luckily, I have Knut to see after those things for me. Please browse the site. […]

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