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The Man From The Gas Station – King Midas

Éllet Records ‎ ÉL 006 January 1, 2001


King Midas – Translated excerpt from a review in Dagsavisen:

If you are plus / minus 30 years old, interested in music and born and raised in Oslo, the chances are high that you are one of those who at one time or another have had a passionate relationship with King Midas. The band themselves have had to admit that they struggle with acceptance outside of ring 3’s safe boundaries, but within them, yes, there they are just that: within. Maybe it’s the dark, pretentious sound of the band that makes them so much loved by Tiger City?

The sound of King Midas at least feels like the sound of Oslo. Like the sound of walking through Slottsparken at dusk and then throwing into the Last Train, rattling further down towards Stortorget, taking a sharp left and either drinking up the rest of the evening’s budget at Robinet or dancing through the Oslo night at Blå. King Midas is the sound of cuts, fernet, love, melancholy and the search for identity.

On “The Man From The Gas Station” Tracee Sings on “The Strip”