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Sorry – King Midas

Universal Music Group 602517202665 March 17, 2007


Sorry – King Midas – Translation from VG review

Cool, laid back reference journey on the edge of the edible.

“Sorry” is so full of references, both literary and pop cultural, that they basically threaten to suffocate the whole record. On the word side, Ando Woltmann plays with paraphrases from Faulkner, Kipling, Shelley and Shakespeare, while the sound side can give the impression that the listener is standing in a cramped room where the echoes of old heroes echo from all sides; a-ha, The Cure, Blondie, Pet Shop Boys and the Human League (the opening “As I Lay Dying” tastes very much like “Don’t You Want Me”!).

At the same time, King Midas has never written better melodies than here; easy-to-understand, but hooking and almost childishly energetic in its immediacy when the tempo picks up. With a very and subtly arranged soundscape that emphasizes the drowsy, almost life-weary coolness that has gradually become King Midas’ trademark, it is therefore inevitable that Oslogutta has come up with their best and smoothest record to date.

Tracee Sings on “Saturday Night”