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Romeo Turn – King Midas

Ellet Records September 8, 2003


Romeo Turn, an excerpt from : Tracee Meyn  contributes her soul vocals to some songs here, and gives Romeo Turn a more intense feel. This works especially well on the Heartbeat Boogie.

Although the music is a long way off, I’m also tempted to compare it to the Dandy Warhols. Midas has a relaxed attitude to it all, which is strongly expressed in the music. In this country, it is the playfulness of King Midas that makes me draw lines towards Don Juan Dracula.

Since last time, King Midas have probably changed some tactics in the form of expression, and it helps that they have confirmed their position as one of Norway’s leading bands. The kings from Tåsen no longer ask nicely.

Romeo Turn is a requirement to get the attention they deserve. With the exception of a few songs, Romeo Turn is nothing short of a wonderful and unforgettable groovy mix of rock, pop, funk, soul, blues and jazz.

Tracee Sing on “The Cult”, “Heartbeat Boogie”, “Woman in Jazz”, “The Harder They Come”, “Hang On” and  “Romeo Turn”.