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Nurse Me – 3-11 Porter

Who Went Where Records November 1, 2003


3-11 Porter – Nurse me; Excerpt from VG review:

3-11 Porter has long lived a “secret” celebrity life as one of Europe’s most frequently downloaded bands on mp3, and with “Nurse Me” the trio is behind one of the most exciting Norwegian debut albums so far this year. There is something liberatingly unorthodox about 3-11 Porter’s gorgeous mix of jazz, chill out and pop. Then their female vocalist Tracee Meyn is “imported” from the USA. Per Arne Bertheussen has a voice reminiscent of Leonard Cohen’s, dark, mysterious and extremely comfortable. While Svein Hansen‘s elegant instrumentation complements the slightly melancholic moods that are common to the record.
This is a dreamy little masterpiece that both warms and gives chills at the same time.

Originally released in 2003, Nurse me was re-released in 2008 on a new record label.