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Tidings – Kerrs Pink

Musea February 1, 2002


Tidings, Kerrs Pink: After some concerts in 1997 presenting songs from “Art of Complex Simplicity”, Harald and Jostein asked some of the musicians to form a new Kerrs Pink. The first line-up was with Freddy Ruud (keyboards) ex-Electric Wonderland, Per Øyvind Nordberg (keyboards) ex-Kerrs Pink and Knut R. Lie (drums) ex-Høst.

Per Øyvind left the band just after a few rehearsels because of his job situation.

Next one to join in was Lasse Johansen (keyboards) – a very qualified piano and organ player. Freddy asked his old playmate in Electric Wonderland – Lasse Tanderø to be the new vocalist. From 2000 an excellent vocalist called Tracee Meyn guested Kerrs Pink on concerts and on the “Tidings” release. Tracee is originally from Los Angeles and have her vocals on a couple of Steve Vai CDs, then called Tracee Lewis.

Tracee sings on “Shooting Star”, “Moments in Life”, “Mystic Dream” and “Le LSable S’Est Écoulé”.