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Gratitude – Traces Gospel Choir

TLM TLM345+ November 5, 2011


Late in 2011, Traces recorded our debut album “Gratitude”. The album is a mix of original music and re-arranged classics.

The musical and are made by Tracee Meyn, Endre Engebretsen and the choir band at the time, Einstein. Einstein consisted of Engebretsen, Paul Wagnberg, Fredrik Brekke Møller and Per Erik Tørfoss. Percussion provided by Uriel Seri. Most of the choir arrangements were done by Tracee and Monica Ifejilika.

The album was recorded at Urban Sound Studios in Oslo, Norway,  It is a timeless, eclectic collection of traditional songs and original material with 11 different soloists, all beautifully engineered by the deft hand of Jock Loveband.

The number of soloists, more than anything, reflects the diversity of Traces members, the choir, the band, and their sound.

This album include songs written by Choir and Band Members Tracee Meyn, Endre Engebretsen, Camilla Tømta, and Monica Ifejilika and House Duo Ost & Kjex.

Tracee Sings Lead vocals on Gratitude