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Freedom Fighters – Amulet

Bitzcore Uk/Zoom B00005M0G5 December 6, 2006


Amulet – Freedom Fighters review excerpt from Puls: The Freedom Fighters album’s song number ten, “Profane Wishes”, has so far been one of the fattest songs of the year. Vocalist Torgny Amdam works brilliantly in pairs with guest vocalist Tracee Meyn on this track. Meyn gives Amulet an extra sweaty and sexy dimension with his voice. For some perverted reason, I sometimes get associations with early Iron Maiden, even though I do not like Maiden. But where Iron Maiden becomes pathetic, Amulet attacks the blasphemous desires in such a way that I have to turn up the volume with a smile. While I sing along with my friends.

The all-singing factor is generally high on Amulet’s most accessible album so far. They released “The Burning Sphere” last year, and they also released a full-length, “Engrave”, five years ago.

Tracee sings on “Profane Wishes”