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Den Nye Arbæidsdagn- Ravi & DJ Løv

Epic EPC 520433 2 June 27, 2005

Ravi & Dj Løv

Ravi & DJ Løv – Den Nye Arbæidsdagn – Translated excerpt from Dagsavisen:

Now they have gone from self-employed to employees of a large record company.

– Hence the title “Den Nye Arbæidsdagn” «The new working day» they point out.

– We thrive as employees. We usually stop by the record company every Friday afternoon to see if there is a chance to win a bottle of red wine, but then they just look at us strangely.

Monroes & Rypdals The next potential national nuisance is Ravi & Løv’s version of Monroes’ “Cheerio” complete with guest appearances by Monroes himself.

– Are you worried about accusations of the type “retro” “sell-out” and “juggler pop”?

– We nod in confirmation to all three, says Ravi.

– But it is a completely classic formula that we try for the first time: Get someone to sing nicely on the chorus and you rap on the verse. Recent history has shown that this can be done both well and badly. We try as best we can. And we will do it again, warns Ravi.

Tracee Sings on Bitelit me. In Ravi Style they spell her name Treisi Mein.