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Cajun Lunch – Ost & Kjex

Diynamic May 1, 2010

Cajun Lunch

Cajun Lunch, Ost & Kjex: With a sound that straddles electro, funk, disco and house, Oslo-based duo Ost & Kjex return on Diynamic.

As the title suggests, Cajun Lunch mixes elements of Delta blues and bayou bass lines into their organic house sound. This is especially true on the guitar-filled “Bluecheeseblues” parts 1 and 2.

From the opening sun-kissed grooves of “Mosambiquetravelplan” featuring  Bugge Wesseltoft on piano to the sexed-up funk of “Continental Lover” and the deep house tones of “The Yellow Man,” the boys continue to conspire with the album’s guest vocalist, Tracee Meyn. Tracee is further assisted by members of her gospel choir who combine to give Cajun Lunch a fuller, more rounded sound.<

Tracee sings on “Mozambique Travel Plan”, “Continental Lover”, “A New Deal”, “Cajun Lunch”, “Seraphine”, & “The Yellow Man”.