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Animated People’s Republic – Lukas Kasha

Division Records January 27, 2007

Lukas Kasha

Animated People’s Republic – Lukas Kasha – Translation of VG review

This is a band I would like to see on many festival stages this summer!

Why not?An excellent, new and fresh Norwegian band that plays music at the intersection of post-punk and pop as well as another hyped band from the UK?

Lukas Kasha’s debut is quite violent in expression; Simen Eriksrud’s production is dense and massive, but still provides space for both ongoing guitars, rolling bass lines and underlying synth carpets.
The influence comes both from more glamorous decades in American rock (“Office Rock”), but most of all from British pop and rock from the golden days of synth rock.

In a couple of places, “I Won’t Lay Down” and “People Roam The Streets”, Lukas Kasha sounds almost like Brett Anderson’s Suede would have done if they were contemporaries with Franz Ferdinand. Then we can rather forgive that the comp for the opening “Neon Meltdown” is rapped from We’s “Crawling Out Of The Wreckage”;

This is an extremely promising debut – with consistently very good songs – from a band that has really matured for a while already.

Tracee sings on “People Roam the Streets”