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Surround Me – 3-11 Porter

Who Went Where Records WWW1045 October 20, 2008


3-11 Porter was formed in 2000 when Per Arne Bertheussen met Svein Hansen. Some months later Tracee Meyn joined the band.
The title track was originally released in 2003 on 3-11 Porter’s album “Nurse Me”,  but the album “Surround Me With Your Love” was released in 2008.

The song, “Surround Me With Your Love”, was featured in the movie  “Fireflies in the Garden” Starring Julia Roberts.

3-11 Porter has released three albums: “Nurse Me” in 2003, “Surround Me” in 2008 and “Electric Velvet” in 2014.  Their music appeared in more than 240 compilations worldwide, of which Hôtel Costes is the biggest commercial success.

In 2004, German record company Drizzly Records released a rare 12″ vinyl containing seven remixes of “Surround Me With Your Love”. The cosmetic firm Rimmel used the remix “Surround Me With Your Love” in a 2005 commercial starring Kate Moss, which was shown in 63 countries.[2] “Surround Me With Your Love”, the original song and the remix, has also been used by many international TV companies worldwide, including the BBC, TV Globo (Brazil), TV2 Norway, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

The German label Stereo Deluxe signed 3–11 Porter in 2007 and released their second album, Surround Me, in 2008. Guest performers on the album Surround Me included David M on “Sunglasses”, “There Is A Place Where I Go” and “The Sleep That I’ll Bring You”; Helge Kvam on marimba on “The Mood of the Scene”; Ole Jørn Myklebust on trumpet on “On A Dead Sunday Afternoon”, “Vintage” and “Sunglasses”; Javid Afsari Rad on santour on “The Loneliest Night on Earth”; Pejman Hadadi on percussion on “The Loneliest Night on Earth”; Vida Afsari Rad on “The Loneliest Night on Earth”; Maud Forsgren on “The Loneliest Night on Earth”; and Cristina Latini on “The Loneliest Night on Earth”.

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