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Tracee Meyn

Tracee Meyn

USA / Norway

Tracee Meyn


Tracee Lewis Meyn, singer and vocal instructor born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Tracee has been singing ever since she can remember, and began singing in various bands from age 17. Her time as a student at Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA was one of the most magical times of her life.

It was nothing but music 24-7. Tracee wandered the halls of Musicians Institute for nearly ten years, first as VIT’s Outstanding Student of the Year in 1991 and then as a VIT instructor. AT MI Tracee worked with such amazing musicians as Steve TrovatoSteve BaileyCat Gray, Henry Brewer, Tim Bogert and Doane PerryMike Campbell and Ken Stacey. In the spring of 1999  fate took her to Oslo, Norway, where she has been living ever since.

Tracee has sung with various groups, sung for film and television in the U.S., toured in Europe, as well as singing or recording with artists such as Steve VaiKenny Loggins, Paul Anka, and Norman Brown. Tracee has even sung  “Hey Jude” on the Hollywood Bowl stage with Paul McCartney.

Tracee moved to Oslo, Norway n the spring of 1999. Since moving to Norway, Tracee has worked various artists Norway. These includes, but are not limited to; Ravi & DJ LøvNoora NoorHåkon Graf, King MidasAmuletRune Andersen, MadrugadaKerrs Pink, and has recorded a 2 critically acclaimed albums with the band 3-11 Porter. 3-11 Porter has released 5 albums in total: “Nurse Me” (2003), “Surround Me” (2008), “Nurse Me, second addition” (2009), “Electric Velvet” (2014), and “Surround Me, remastered” (2018). 3-11 Porter is currently working on an as yet untitled album.


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Tracee works as a vocal instructor and lecturer at the University of Oslo at Blindern (Department of Musicology), and is the leader of Traces Gospel Choir.

Quote; “I think I came out of the womb wanting to be a musician, and even though I went through the ballerina stage, the nurse stage and the princess stage, by the time I was five, I had the goal in sight.

I am really blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love. The days go by fast and there is always something to learn. If I could offer only one piece of advice to singers, it would be ‘Don’t lose the Joy’”.