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3-11 Porter

3-11 Porter

Norwegian / Norway

3-11 Porter


3-11 Porter is a Norwegian pop band formed in 2000 when Per Arne Bertheussen met Svein Hansen. American singer Tracee Meyn, who moved to Norway earlier that year, joined the band in late 2000.

3-11 Porter is a mix of influences from the three band members, and although band usually uses the label ‘Pop Noir’ to describe their sound, you can hear pop, jazz, latin, soul and electronica influences in their music. the band has fans all around the world. Their hit “Surround Me With Your Love” was featured in the Julia Roberts film “Fireflies in the Garden” and has, between the original and Per Martinsen remix version, nearly 4 million views, and there are hundreds of fan videos, dozens of remixes and at least 25 covers of the song on You Tube.

Berthussen and Meyn share lead vocal duties in the band as well as singing duets, while Hansen plays guitar, flute and produces the band’s eclectic sound.  While these three are responsible for most of the music on their recordings, The live band is rounded out by Ragnvald Åheim on bass, Per Kristian Hilden on drums and Per Nordengen on keyboards.




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