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These tracks some of the earlier track Tracee recorded before leaving L.A. or in the first 7 years in Norway. The mpost recent being “Bloom in Blue” from Pål Leirem. There is more recent music to come, but we hope your enjoy these tracks i the meantime. Simply click the name of the artist to choose music.


[sawarp][sawcon title=”T.S. Post – Project with Svend Undseth.”]ts postIn 2000/2001 Tracee and Svend launched a project called T.S. Post. Svend created the music and Tracee was responsible for text and developing the melody ideas. While not a commercial venture, it is an interesting creative vehicle.
One of the songs won song of the week in NRK’s Urørt. (article in Norwegian) a song forum for unsigned artists. While that particular song is not availble to hear here, there are a few others. You can actually still buy the EP here.

War Dance by T.S. Post

Mirage by T.S. Post

Frozen Tears by T.S. Post

[/sawcon] [sawcon title=”With Håkon Graf”]Håkon Graf is a keyboard player/songwriter/producer that Tracee has worked with on and off. They met him in Norway, but now Håkon lives in Los Angeles. He is a brilliant player.  These tracks were songs that Håkon produced for other songwriters. “Like the Wind” for Morton …. and “How Many Times”, a duet with singer Marvin Charles.

Like The Wind

How Many Times

[/sawcon] [sawcon title=”With Lindsay ‘Z’ Brooks”] Lindsay Brooks is a longtime friend of Tracee. He is an accomplished producer, songewriter, keyboardist and singer based in Los Angeles. Two of the songs here (Savior and This Christmas) are Christmas/religious songs, all three are composed by Lindsay. One was recorded just before Tracee moved to Norway, and the duet with Lindsay on a trip back to Los Angeles.

Savior my Lord

This Christmas


[/sawcon][sawcon title=”Vasuveda”]Vasuveda is a fantastic Norwegian singer that Tracee originally worked with in Kerrs Pink. Lasse is the vocalist for Kerrs Pink. He is also a singer sonwriter in his own right and has produced a lot of beautiful and meaningful music, including this track “I like to make you Happy” with his beautiful and talented daughter Gita. Tracee sang background and duet vocals on the following tracks, among others. You can buy Vasuveda’s album here.

My Beloved

Same Divine[/sawcon][sawcon title=”Pål Leirem”]Tracee has worked with Pål Leirem on various projects for the better part of 10 years. This track, originally from Pål’s upcoming album will be different than it is now, but we like this version.

Bloom in Blue[/sawcon][sawcon title=”by Tracee”]Tracee has composed many songs, both for herself and for Traces Gospel Choir. The two songs here are just a sample. One World was developed from a piece Tracee’s husband, Knut Meyn wrote. It just seemed like a perfect fit. The other song here, Never Sleep was written before Tracee moved to Norway, but was produced by 3-11 Porter’s Svein Hansen.

One World

Never Sleep

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