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Traces Gospel Choir

In 2000, after living in Norway for about a year , Tracee began to grow restless, and homesick. She needed something to cement her, to remind her of home. Norway, while a western country, has many cultural differences to the US, and Tracee needed a little piece of home. She wanted to sing in a choir, a gospel choir. She had contacted several “gospel” choirs in the Oslo area and none of them were interested in having her. She dropped the quest.

In 2005 the feeling again came up that she wanted to sing in a choir. A friend suggested that she start her own, and the gospel choir (not yet called Traces) was born. Unable to find any men interested in joining her little choir, she decided this would be a women’s choir and set out finding members. With just 3 initial members (Monica Ifejilika, Siv Iren Misund and herself), Tracee started recruiting member from the best singers she knew through teaching and working in music. Tracee even approached people on the street in the hopes that they could sing! Finally, about 9 members were collected and over the next year the choir grew in members.

The time came to give the choir a name. A couple of rounds of name nominations and voting ensued. The name Traces (because the members of the choir have so many different cultural backgrounds) was chosen, even though Tracee was afraid this name would be confused with her own name, (and in fact, much to her chagrin, it almost always is). But this is the name the choir wanted.

Nonetheless, almost 10 years later, the choir continues under the name Traces Gospel Choir and has accomplished a great many things. Check out Traces Gospel Choir at their own website. Http://


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