Natural Hair. Our hair. Our beauty

Viola Davis taking off her wig (and her make-up) on “How To Get Away With Murder”…..

THIS is POWERFUL stuff. It takes off the gloves. It exposes all the secrets that black women hate to expose. It’s about TIME-

In this inflammatory article about Shonda Rhimes ( and “angry black women”, television critic Alessandra Stanley characterizes Davis as “a performer who is older, darker-skinned and less classically beautiful than Ms. (Kerry) Washington, or for that matter Halle Berry“.

This is a white woman who, like everyone else, subscribes to the the “standard” of what beauty for black women should be. Light skin and white-ish features.

I was just reading the article posted about Tracee Ellis Ross and her stand on wearing her natural hair. While this is good, and I am GLAD she is taking a stand for black hair, she has been wearing her natural hair on TV forever, AND she has the kind of hair that TV and movie producers have been “putting” on black women in for form of wigs (or choosing bi-racial actresses like Halle Berry, Jennifer Beals and Thandie Newton to represent black women) for decades. “Curly” hair has always been acceptable. Kinky hair only in the 60’s and 70’s, and not since the invention of the hair weave.

Because TER has the “bi-racial”, loose curls that most black women would kill for, or at least spend a small fortune in the beauty supply to get, It’s not MUCH different from a white woman with curls. Throw a few rollers in her hair for an hour and it’s straight as bone.

I love this clip, and although I heard about it before I saw it, I was not prepared for it’s beauty and power… and props to the amazing, Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis for even going there. I heard it was her idea.

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