Just leave them alone – Orchids

orchids1My Moth orchids. I have 18 of them. I am NOT obsessive.  A few of them were gifts. If I see a cool color, and the plant is on sale, I’ll buy it. $10 orchids. Nothing fancy (maybe that’s high in the U.S., but that is really cheap here).

I live in Norway. I have my orchids in two windows. One west facing. One south facing. The west facing plants are the most prolific. Given that we have long days of up to 16 hours of daylight in the summer, it helps, but we also have as little as 4-5 hours of light in the winter, and most of the days are grey.

There are room heating units under both windows.

14 of my orchids bloomed in late spring and are just now losing their flowers. All of those except one are getting ready for a new round of flowers soon. The one’s that didn’t bloom, except one, have sent out flower shoots now. Two of them have bloomed 4-5 times.

orchids2What do i do? Nothing. I have played with them. A couple of years ago I tried growing 8 of them in just water, but then I didn’t like the algae, so I re-potted them in Leca balls and water. Those 8 of them have no drainage. One died during the water experiment. One. a couple of others got a little sick, but they bounced back.   Some of them are in their plastic pots, set inside of a tall glass pot that has no drainage but has some leca balls,. Some of them are in special “Orchid Pots”, those are doing the worst.  I am thinking of putting them in some Leca balls and water. Some of them are just in their plastic pots and a saucer underneath. one has a terracotta pot under it. All of them , except one, will bloom for the first, second, third forth or fifth time before December.

I fed them once in the spring.

I don’t train them much, just a little sometimes.. They grow how they want to. Sometimes straight, sometimes curly.

orchids3I think they like being in groups, and grouped with all the big plants (mostly Yuccas)

And they like being left alone.

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