Worse than sickening


I haven’t posted in a long time, but I am going to remedy that ans start posting more regularly again.

Read this.


Dr. Rou’aa Diab I salute you. This sickens me. Makes me angry. Makes me think things that I work very hard not to think about. Why?? Because I am sick of people’s backward ass thinking. Their stupid beliefs. It doesn’t matter if it’s ISIS, or gangs in US cities. Its doesn’t matter if it’s cops in Ferguson or the American Nazi party. I am TIRED of this shit.

Who the fuck do people think they are???? If they believe in GOD, them what makes them think they have the GODDAMN right to be judge, jury and executioner?

This woman was killed for helping people in pain. FOR HELPING people! Because she dared to peer into the worm-eaten fungus ridden rotten mouth of a man and help him.

What the fuck is wrong with people??? I am beginning to think that we really need a wipe out.  I hate people who live in the fucking dark ages. It makes me so angry. Wake up and catch up with the rest of the world.

Can’t we put all these people on an island together? All of these people who like to kill and cause other pain, all of these who like to lord over other people’s lives and control them as if they were god? All the gang members, bad cops, corporate thieves, asshole governments, religious extremists, racists,…. OMG wait.. can’t I just go live on an island instead?




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