New voices

kindnessI saw a video today on Facebook by this young man. Prince EA.  I am not really interested in his music, but I AM interested in his MIND. I think the message in his video on Ferguson is for ALL of us, not just the young or the black or those in trouble, but ALL of us. Where is our mission? Where is our LOVE? Our compassion, our kindness? We express it everyday on social media, but not in our daily lives. We can spend hours re-posting beautiful things on our Facebook page, but not spend 5 minutes to help someone in the real world.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE social media. Although it is a HUGE time waster, it allows me to stay in touch with family and friends on a regular basis, who I might otherwise miss. But what are we doing really. Disconnecting.

Let’s take those sentiments we post and DO THEM FOR REAL! We don’t need guns or other weapons, we don’t need to shield ourselves up. We need to OPEN UP. Stop being so afraid of people we don’t understand.

Is there Evil out there? Oh you BET there is, and it is insidious and relentless trying to get your attention, your heart and your mind. I am not saying that if we just think love the world will be a utopia, but what if we just said “enough”. What is we said, I don’t support these actions and will not continue to have you as my leader or my friend if you continue this behavior?

Our thoughts and energy are POWERFUL, but they don’t have a conscious. They will give power to whatever we put attention on. Choose LIGHT folks. Choose light.

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