Sense of humor

goofyI am SO glad I have a sense of humor. Without it I would die. No…. literally┬ádie. There are so many things that make me sad, confused, flabbergasted. I can read an article or hear a news story and my heart just breaks. But then I try to find one thing. One small thing that I can make a joke about. Even in the most adverse situations. Not to be disrespectful to whoever things are happening to, hell, most of the time it’s drama in my OWN life that leads to my condition. I am just talking about one thing that can make me smile. When I can do that, the world doesn’t seem so bleak. It doesn’t seems so hopeless.

The world is not much different than it has been for the past 100 years. Yes a lot of things have changed, but basic human behavior has not. It’s just that we get to SEE a lot of what is happening and learn more because of technology. I think that is why comedians get a “pass” to make fun of things in a way that would otherwise offend people.

I am also glad I can laugh at myself. I can be pretty ridiculous. Ungrateful, silly, lazy, procrastinating…. etc. I NEED to be able to laugh at these things about myself, otherwise I would kill myself. Because I am VERY few of the things that society tell me makes me an ok person: I am not white, not a man, not tall, not thin, not rich, not… well I am just NOT. But I can laugh at being told what I am “supposed to be” and laugh at those who blindly strive to be those things.

In the end, the most important thing is, I can laugh. I am also grateful to be married to a man who can make me laugh. HARD.

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