a whole week…. reminders…

post-itIt’s been a full week since I posted on my gratitude journal, and frankly, I feel GUILTY! Guilty as hell. I have a LOT more things to be grateful for, and yet, didn’t find the time or compel myself to write about them. I had to wonder if is because I am lazy (well yes, I am lazy, but that is not the reason), but really, the reason is I am scattered and disorganized and quite bad at routine. I think about writing, but the minute something else comes my way, I have forgotten about it.

So what can one do. Is it age? partially, Although I am grateful to have a youthful look, sometimes my brain doesn’t act so very youthful. My “motto” on Facebook is: “I would forget my ass if it wasn’t attached”. I have always had a problem with being scattered and forgetful. It doesn’t mean I am not grateful, it just means I have forgotten to say so.


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