Grateful for inventors


I have been slack, I forgot to write yesterday, and will probably forget tomorrow, as I have a out of town job. Which brings me to my subject. Inventors.

I am grateful for all the people who think outside the box. All of those who dream and take a chance. Those who try and try again until they get the darn thing to work.

I am riding in a car to the airport, taking an airplane to sing in a place where I will have lights, amplification and (hopefully) stairs up to the stage.

I have not done all I need to do tonight, so I can throw things in the dishwasher, dry the clothes I’d thought I’d dried in the dryer, and set an alarm so I don’t oversleep.

I am not that fond of out of town gigs, but I am glad that inventors have made things much easier for me than they otherwise would have been.

So thank you , all of those in the past, present and future, who make our lives easier and more exciting.

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