Moral Compass

CompassA moral compass. That thing that let’s us figure out what is right and what is wrong. I am so glad I have one that WORKS. I am not saying mine points to true north. I have told lies, big and small, but still,  I pride myself on being about 95% truthful. I have done a few things that are morally reprehensible. I once stopped someone from getting employment because I didn’t like them. I still regret that I did that, mostly because I still feel guilty about it. Actually, they were not really qualified for the job, but less qualified people had held the same job. It was my opinion that made the decision. I felt bad immediately, but not bad enough to recant.

I think omission is a big part of some of my most morally questionable decisions. I just kept my mouth shut when I should have said something. Our silence can be just as damaging as a lie.

But I see so many people out there who have almost NO moral compass, or the magnet is seriously weak. How can you feel good about murdering someone, stealing from someone, beating someone when you wear a badge of authority. How can you look in the mirror when you carry out commands that result in the loss of hundreds or thousands of lives? How can someone cut off the arms of children? Bilk the elderly out of their life’s savings and livelihood? Hate someone because of the color of their skin, their gender, or who they love?

I may never understand how other people’s compasses swing. How they can be so off, but I am glad that mine generally faces at least north-east.




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