technologyI am grateful for technology.. No REALLY. Even though I curse at my computer, my phone, my pad and all the other things that now take up space in my life that I didn’t think I had. Yes, technology has made my life easier…. and harder. It’s hard to ignore people with technology so close at hand. The only excuse you have is technical failure (which you can only use so often) and lack of battery charge. People expect instant responses when all I really want to do is go bury my head under a pillow. My head is full.

Someone asked on Facebook… ha ha… if you could live for three months without your computer, cell phone, tablet, wi-fi, 4G.. etc… for 3 million dollars. My answer was of course, as long as I have a land-line, a pencil and a piece of paper. But then I thought about it. It would be very, very difficult. No e-mail? How would I find out about job related things? And this is crazy, because I could have done it 10 years ago without a problem. Now I don’t remember telephone numbers, and  I don’t think we even HAVE a telephone book in the house and, frankly, I think my spelling has gone to hell.

So what am I grateful for? As I try to clean my computer out from 6-7 years of junk… try to clean out the 3500 plus unread e-mails out of my Outlook, and try to get ready for a new machine, I was getting overwhelmed, but then I realized that 10 years ago, this would be little scraps of paper…. and big scraps of paper, and endless files, piled up on the floor.

I was looking for a piece of sheet music I know I have….. somewhere is one of the 10’s of boxes I have with sheet music. Then I just said “screw it” and bought another copy online. Yes, it cost me $5.00, but it saved me endless hours searching through endless papers. Endless numbers of profanity mutterings, and endless headaches. Gosh, I really need to scan in the rest of this music.

So despite all the insanity and frustration of sorting through the tens of thousands of files I have to decide whether to migrate, archive or delete, technology has given me one VERY precious thing…. SPACE!


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