Gratitude for talent


I am VERY grateful for my talent. I think I have talent in quite a few things, and that is good, because I am lazy. So being talented in a number of areas helps, but sometimes I don’t appreciate that talent, or rather,  I don’t feel like using it.

I love singing. But when it’s your job, not just your pleasure, well, sometimes I have difficulty being thankful for it, or rather, for the ways that I am using it, for example, to generate income. But I asked for that, to make a living as a singer. I should have asked for instant and encompassing stardom that I could make lots of money at  and then retire, but that is not what I asked for. So sometimes I don’t want to do my job. Even though I am grateful not to be doing something I hate.

One reason for that is: I am still shy and still have stage fright after all these years. Sometimes its mild and sometimes its hair-raisingly overwhelming. So it’s not the actual act of singing, but all the anxiety leading up to it. Putting on the brave face and acting like I have all the confidence in the world.

So YES , I am extremely grateful for my talent. Now I am asking for the enriched courage to actually ENJOY using my talent on a daily basis. I know, a bit late, but better late than never!

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