Sunshine Gratitude

suntransThis may seem like a little thing, but I am VERY grateful for the amazing 3 weeks of sunshine, and a-typical summer we have had in Norway.

Coming from Southern California,  even though I have been in Norway for 15 years, I never get used to the cold. I hate the masses of rainy grey chilly summers we have had since I  have lived here. Last year was not so bad. We have a tendency to judge the summer by the number of times we have been able to grill. Two years ago, that number was twice. The reason for that is, you may have a nice morning, but by 3pm the clouds would roll in and the wind would start blowing. Or the rain would come pouring down.

‘This year we had the warmest July on record. Although that does not bode well for the “global warming” scenario, it certainly bodes well for the “Tracee warming” scenario.  So thank you GOD for letting me feel like I actually had a summer instead of me getting depressed and homesick.

I know this is my second weather thank you , but you have to understand….. :)


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