indecisive_silhouetteI decided to write about whatever gratitude came into my head upon waking. I thought about getting up and decided to sleep for 10 more minutes. Truth be told, since I am still on “staycation” for a few more days, I could get up whenever I felt like it, in an hour, in 2 hours…my choice. As a matter of fact, how long I will be on “staycation” is also my choice, to a certain extent. Then I have to start thinking about the obligations I have, that I need to fulfill, however those obligations, whether job or personal, I also chose.

I choose where my life goes. Sometimes the choices I make are not the best ones, taking me in  directions I really don’t want to go. For example, I choose what I eat and how much of it. It may, (and usually does), keep my weight up. But I HAVE the choice, abundant choice, of what to buy to put in my mouth. I may not always make the best choice, but it’s there for me to choose. Not everyone has that luxury.

That is my point here. Not everyone, as a matter of fact, a VAST number of people in the world don’t have anywhere near the choices I have. Does it come down to money? partially. We, my husband and me) are not rich, but we have what we need. We have a roof over our head. It’s not the world biggest roof, nor is it the smallest. I have my own office, he has his and we still have a spare room not that the kids are grown and out.  they aren’t hugs rooms., but they are what we need.  We choose not to go in debt to get bigger rooms.  Not everyone can choose where they sleep, or how comfortable they will be when they do. OR at least the consequences of their choices have MUCH more serious implications than do mine.

What made me grateful for this TODAY is the Israel/Palestine conflict going on right now. I am not going to turn this into a political post. I will write a separate post later. But there are a lot of people there who don’t have many choices, or whose choices are being diminished or eliminated every day.  I am grateful.


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