Gratitude Journal – First entry

gratitudeburlapJust like everyone else, I sometimes feel stuck. Sitting in mud. Not moving, and not wanting to move, just wishing the days by and then fretting about how fast they go by. It’s amazing how quickly a day goes when you haven’t done a thing.

Getting “unstuck” is not always easy. It often requires a force of will that sometimes we have and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we need to run around in circles for a long time before we finally get out of the loop.

I am finding that one way for me to get out of the loop is practicing gratitude. So I am going to be posting as much as my gratitude as I can. Calling it a “Gratitude Journal” is probably going a bit far, but I am going to make an effort, because I know that one of the things lacking in my life is “enough” gratitude.

For example, it’s been a lovely summer so far in Norway, the 2nd in a row. That’s unusual here, in fact, almost too good to be true, with SO many bad summers (rain rain rain) under my belt. But instead of just enjoying each day, I fret about the coming fall and winter and the physical, mental and spiritual implications of the changing seasons. I can go as far as to get depressed on the 22st of June (my birthday) because it means the sun is turning.

So instead, I am going to try this:

Thank you mother/father God for the brilliant summer you have brought us here in Norway. I appreciate the beauty, the warmth and the lovely days, and even the heavy humidity, for it keeps my skin dewy. I am hoping for a couple more weeks of nice weather, but  I will understand and appreciate the rain if that is what you need to bring.

There, mission accomplished, my first gratitude entry. May there be many many more. Have an amazing day.



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