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Tracee Lewis Meyn is a singer, songwriter, published author, vocal instructor and choir director. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Tracee has lived and worked in Oslo since 1999. 

Tracee teaches at the University of Oslo (UiO), Department of Musicology, Norsk Musikkskole and privately. Tracee’s private lessons strive to get the most out of the student’s voice while maintaining their unique sound and flavor. Read more…

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Tracee Meyn

Tracee Meyn

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Vocal Instruction


Every vocal student learns in a different way. Some are very logical. Explain to them how the mechanism works…they get that, and quickly start to work on how to manipulate it.

Others are visual and imaginative. They cannot connect to the “nuts and bolts” explanation, but give them a certain thought or visualization and they can take off with that and begin to feel what is happening in their throat.

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